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John from the USA?

This is my friend. name is Peter.

Mike is

My brother is artist.

20 desks in the classroom.

Paul romantic films.

Sorry, I can’t talk. I right now.

Which verb is the opposite of “sell”?

Which word means “very good”?

Which word is not about family?

Which word is not a language?

She at school last week.

I the film last night

a piece of cake? No, thank you.

The living room is than the bedroom.

The car is very old. We’re going a new car soon.

I`m looking to seeing my friend next week

She thinks all Spanish men look Antonio Banderas.

Can you look Bill`s address in your address book?

I`m looking my coat. Have you seen it?

Hello, this is Simon. Could I to Jane, please?

She a great ballet dancer if she hadn`t grown so tall.

She can`t run in the race because she her leg.

The thief by a security camera.

How long in Australia? – almost two years, now.

The car stopped because I had run of petrol.

She has brought a family of five healthy children.

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